Math Repository

Solutions to past (TYS) H2 Math Exams

We are a repository of solutions for the Singapore SEAB A Levels H2 Mathematics Examinations starting from the major syllabus change in 2007 to the latest 2022 paper.

Crafted with the digital medium in mind

Compared to other solutions out there, the solutions here are designed to be digital friendly (works on both mobile and larger screens) and are coded with the help of computer technology.


Version 2.0 is live with the latest 2022 solutions.

Version 1.0 is live on 22nd September 2022 as we prepare for the 2022 exams (includes Specimen 2017 solutions). All the best to students taking the papers!

Version 0.1 is live on 4th May 2022. A sister site, Math Pro which will provide practice where we tweak past examination questions, is actively under construction. Stay tuned!

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